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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hand knit infinity scarf in grey with blue contrast

From my new winter collection- hand knit infinity scarf with contrasted flower pin brooch and edge in turquoise blue, extra large and chunky.
Ready to be shipped. Buy it HERE at my Etsy store.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Knitted Fox Stole Scarf

Hand knitted fox stole scarf in rusty brown, available in my Etsy store HERE

Fox Stole Scarf Knitted Pattern

Knitting pattern for Fox Stole Scarf in two sizes. Buy the pattern at my Etsy Pattern Store HERE

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ear Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Download the PDF Pattern HERE.

Approx. 9,2” wide and 9” high (measured flat, un-stretched).

One skein (50g) heavy worsted or aran weight yarn.

Circular needles size US6 (4mm), sewing needle.

14 knit sts in 4”.

Easy/ Beginner.

CO- cast on
Rnd(s)- round(s)
st(es)- stitch(es)
k- knit
p- purl
k2tog- knit two together
p2tog- purl two together
rep- repeat
RS- right side
WS- wrong side

CO 70 sts. Join in the round, make sure your sts are not twisted. Place marker and work in the rounds.
Rnds 1-15: rib 1x1 (k1, p1) to marker.
Rnds 15-50 (RS): knit.
Rnd 51: bind off 3, k32, bind off 3, k32, turn. Work in rows now.
Row 52: p32, turn.
Row 53: k2tog, k28, k2tog, turn.
Row 54: p2tog, p26, p2tog, turn.
Row 55: k2tog, k24, k2tog, turn.
Row 56: p2tog, p22, p2tog, turn.
Row 57: k2tog, k20, k2tog, turn.
Row 58: p2tog, p18, p2tog, turn.
Row 59: k2tog, k16, k2tog, turn.
Row 60: p2tog, p14, p2tog, turn.
Row 61: k2tog, k12, k2tog, turn.
Row 62: p2tog, p10, p2tog, turn.
Row 63: k2tog, k8, k2tog, turn.
Row 64: p2tog, p6, p2tog, turn.
Bind off. Cut the yarn.

With WS facing connect yarn to remaining sts, and work next ear:
Rep rows 52-64.
Bind off, leaving long tail. Sew the top on WS. Turn on RS and you are ready.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cat Ear Hat- New Knitting Pattern

New knitting pattern for slouchy hat in one teen and adult size. Available at my Etsy pattern store PatternsByFaima

Cat Ear Hat

or in Ravelry