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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Free Crochet Tutorial: How to make crocheted flowers 2- Как да изплетем цветя на една кука 2

Реших да направя това подробно, стъпка по стъпка ръководство как да изплетем цвете на една кука поради големия интерес към предишните публикации по темата. Тук може да свалите снимките в PDF файл, за по- детайлно виждане. This step by step photo tutorial how to make crocheted flower I made due to the large interest in the topics. You can download the PDF file HERE, to see large detailed photos. Enjoy:)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Free PDF Pattern- chunky shawl and flower brooch

Download the pattern here Here is the free PDF pattern for the chunky fringe shawl and floral brooch I made. Please, let me know what do you think about the pattern:) Happy knitting!

Friday, October 8, 2010

My interview in an italian blog

Here is the link with the complite interview: THE SECRET LIVES OF CREATIVES 5x3=15 ! Ecco l'appuntamento con la RUBRICA DEDICATA AI PICCOLI SEGRETI DELLE VITE DEI CREATIVI DI TUTTO IL MONDO: qui troverete pubblicato un post con 5 domande e 15 risposte di 3 artisti, creativi, designers o appassionati del vintage, perché 5xtre=15 ! Here's the appointment with A COLUMN DEVOTED TO SMALL SECRET LIVES OF CREATIVE PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE WORLD: you can find a post with 5 questions and 15 ansers of 3 artists, creators, designers or fans of vintage, because 5xthree=15!L'intervista a tre sarà riportata solamente in inglese per ragioni di spazio. Ecco i tre creativi di questo mese:The triple interview will be only in English due to limited space. Here are the three creative of this month: FAIMA'S FASHION STUDIO | SHOP | BLOG | FACEBOOK | Una speciale boutique egiziana di borse, vestiti e accessori. La bella Faima adora cucire, lavorare a maglia e all'uncinetto. A special Egyptian shop of bags, clothes and accessories. Beautiful Faima loves sewing, knitting and crochet. WHAT IS THE REASON OF YOUR NAME? FAIMA: My real name is Iliyana, but in internet all know me like Faima. I don't remember exactly how it appears, but when I opened my Etsy shop I decided to call it like this, on my popular nickname. THE RIGHT ENERGY FOR A CREATIVE: WHAT'S YOUR IDEAL LUNCH? FAIMA: Sandwiches:) With chicken, cheese, etc. Green or greek salad. Mango juice. And my favorite chokolate- for energy:) WHAT IS THE FAVOURITE ITEM THAT'S IN YOUR HOME? FAIMA: My elefant collection and my 200 pairs of shoes collection WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IN YOUR LAST TRIP? FAIMA: Egypt. It's long trip, with many adventures, and a lot of experience. You can see more in my Egypt blog: WHAT'S YOUR MUST-HAVE FOR THIS AUTUMN? FAIMA: Oh, they are a lot.I am fashion addicted, and always follow fashion trends. But for this autumn must- have for me is The Jersey Maxi Dress.